Thursday, 21 March 2013

March Wishlist - Part Deux

1. Atlas Watch - Urban Outfitters £26
2. Line Up the Bitches Tshirt - Michael Agwunobi £39
3. Lipstick in Biguiled - Topshop £8
4. Flatforms - River Island £45
5. Belt - River Island £15
6. Animal Earrings - Topshop £8.50
7. Denim Jacket - River Island £50

I had planned to do a wishlist once a month.. seems that isn't happening then! I have seen waaaaay too many things I want, highly depressing let me tell you.
1. I already have my Michael Kors watch but I feel too frightened to wear it, so it's now my special occassion watch. I have wanted an 'every day' watch for ages and I have been wearing a Casio watch that doesn't work that my friend Lauren kindly gave me. This atlas watch would be purrrrrrfect, and it has got a pretty face.
2. So everyone in the blogger world has a Celine tshirt it seems, BUT LOOK AT THIS ONE!! I mean I might be extremely slow off the mark and this might have been around for ages, but I saw it crop up on Tumblr a few days ago and I hunted it down. I really, really love it, but the price is pretty steep so I am going to wait and try and hunt it down on Ebay for cheapy cheaps.
3. I went into town last week to specifically get a Topshop lipstick because I had a gift card and I ended up coming out with the most boring, plain browny colour known to man. I looked at 'beguiled' whilst I was there and talked myself out of buying it, idiot. This WILL be the next one I buy, it's such a nice shade.
4. I am currently stuck in a rut shoe-wise, I seem to only wear my trusty black boots every time I go on a night out at the minute. Being 5'11 I refuse to go out in flats or kitten heels - ew - and I can't wear platform heels or anything too high as my friends are mainly all midgets (love you guyzzzz). So I have started to wear flatforms, when they first came about I stayed well clear because I thought they would be really unflattering but what a revelation! They are now my new favourite and I NEED these, how are nice are they though? I will not hear a bad word said about them.
5. I already have this belt with 'hollaback' written across it, I have worn it to death and I only got it for Christmas. I have now seen this one and I have to have this too, I have no explanation why... I just have to have it.
6. I desperately need some studs as all of mine seem to have done a disappearing act. I stupidly decided to get three more piercings in one ear when I was about 16-17 and I have been at a stud shortage ever since. These earrings are so cute, who wouldn't want an elephant and a little fat dog in their ear? Come onnnnnnn.
7. I need a new jacket. I wear my blazer and leather jacket all the time and I want a new addition to the jacket family. I have been on the hunt for a denim jacket, but more of an over sized fit than a cropped one. So far the only half decent ones I have seen have been on Ebay and have always sold before I have the money to buy them. I came across this a few days ago and it's a military style jacket so it will be over sized annnd it's quite long which is a bonus. I really like all the little details on the pockets and down the zip hem.
That was some heavy reading, congrats if you actually made it to the end!
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