Sunday, 31 March 2013

A Month in Photos - March


I thought I would do a sort of round up of the month in photo form, I have always liked instagram posts because I'm just plain old nosey annnnd it's nice to look back and see what's been poppin' throughout the month.

1. Me... Posing. 2. A close up of Yogi's nose. 3. Afternoon of doodles 4. World's creepiest
face mask/Gimp mask. 5. Carrot cake cupcakes. 6.Teaching the bf how to bake. 7.Friday night essentials. 8. NOTD - Barry M Lychee and Models Own Dancing Queen. 9. Jesus' trendy new haircut. 10. Far too drunk with my best one. 11. Before being far too drunk with my best one. 12. Boyf's new tap penis. 13. CUTEST PICTURE OF YOGI EVAAA. 14. A jar of tentacles - vom. 15. The height difference between Idle and I. 16. A tiny wheely bin that is now my makeup brush holder.
Overall March has been a pretty good month! I started something that should hopefully lead to something good career-wise, had some banging nights out with my girls annnnd booked a holiday with my lovely boyfriend. Fingers crossed April lives up to something good. Hope you have all had a good month and have a lovely Easter!

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