Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Black Cherry

Well hello!
Barry M - Black Cherry
I'm a proper cheapskate and I love a good bargain, so when I saw this Barry M lippy on Amazon for like £2.50 I snapped it up. Like most girl's I rave over Mac lipsticks, my all time fave got mashed up so badly it had to be chucked (RIP Russian Red), but I just can't justify spending £14.00 again on one lipstick.
So much waffle! Anyway, it arrived and I immediately fell in love (but not with the 80's pink case). It's the kind of lipstick you have to build up to get the dark 'black cherry' colour, but I think thats what I like about it, it can be as dark or as light as you want it to be. It's so far seen me through a couple of nights out and it's stayed on really well. Although I would recommend using lip liner with it, I tried without and it tended to bleed quite easily.

All in all you can't really complain for £2.50 can you? I will defnitely be adding a few more Barry M colours to my ever growing lipstick collection!
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  1. You are absolutely gorgeous! I love your style and you remind me of my sister a lot. I want your nose piercing soooo bad! It looks so great on you! I have been reading through your blog posts and I love it! you just got yourself a new follower!
    Please please please check out my blog
    I have just started and would really appreciate it as your blog is just fab!


    love Francesca xxxx

  2. Thanks for leaving your link in tonight's bbloggers chat, i love your style and this is a lovely lippy really suites you x